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 Overview of NEVR Project     

The Nigeria Election Violence Report (NEVR) project is led by the National Association for Peaceful Elections in Nigeria (NAPEN) in Nigeria, in collaboration with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES). This project will develop the capacity of civil society to monitor, analyze and respond to incidents of election-related conflict before, during and after the 2011 elections in Nigeria. It will also promote collaboration and dialogue between election stakeholders in order to mitigate and/or prevent election violence. To accomplish these objectives, NAPEN will engage monitors throughout hotspot states in each zone during the pre-election, Election Day and post-election periods.  NAPEN and its local-level partners will also distribute public awareness materials and engage in public education. This combination of activities will strengthen partners’ ability to reinforce peace in their communities and to help prevent tensions from escalating into violence. The NEVR website will house SMS-based reporting from monitors in the project and brings groundbreaking technology to improve upon previous conflict reporting. This website will give the public and other stakeholders near-instant access to incidents around the country as well as a variety of other election-related information.


  • To increase public knowledge and awareness of the dangers of election violence before, during and after elections
  • To increase the participation and involvement of election stakeholders in the mitigation and prevention of election violence
  • To increase the capacity of CSOs and electorates to monitor and prevent electoral violence


Project Structure and Methodology

The Nigeria NEVR Project will include 6 Program Officers, 12 Master Trainers, and 72 Monitors, with 2 Master trainers and 12 Monitors in each of the six geo-political zones. The team will represent diverse civil society organizations from across the country networking as partners. Monitors will document verified incidents of violence, tension and potential for violence, and peace activities from February until the end of May.  This information will be immediately relayed up to the NEVR website via text message and subject to verification and quality control by the team before showing up on www.nevr.org. Data will be maintained by IFES/NAPEN and monthly analytical reports will explore the patterns of violence and peacebuilding data.  These regular reports will feature calls to action and recommendations and will be distributed to civil society, governmental, and security actors nationwide and internationally.

NEVR monitors will learn skills to identify election violence and track tension levels, to interview sources to verify reported violence and assess tension levels, and to accurately document their findings. Paper forms will back up the immediacy of the SMS relay to the NEVR.org website and will be sent to NAPEN headquarters every two weeks. The NEVR project is built upon the Election Violence Education and Resolution (EVER) program developed by IFES from global best practices in monitoring and mitigation of election violence and through implementation in over a dozen countries around the world.

 About the partners

NAPEN is a coalition that emerged from an IFES-funded Electoral Violence Education and Resolution (EVER) project during the Nigeria 2007 national elections, and was originally known as NAPE (Nigerian Alliance for Peaceful Elections). NAPEN has been a registered trustee with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) since 2008.  It is comprised of 6 organizations, one from each geo-political zone:

  • Forward in Action for Education Poverty & Malnutrition (FAcE-PaM), Bauchi, North-East
  • Strategic Empowerment And Mediation Agency (SEMA), Kaduna, North-West
  • International Center for Gender and Social Research (INTER-GENDER), Jos, North-Central
  • Women Advocates Research and Documentation Center (WARDC), Lagos, South-West
  • Christian Community Initiative for Peace and Development (CCIPAD), Enugu, South-East
  • Community Policing Partners (COMPPART), Uyo, South-South


The Executive Chairman of NAPEN is Professor S. E. Bogoro, head of FAcE-PaM in Bauchi.  The Secretary of NAPEN is Reverend Father Ikechukwu O. Odigbo, head of CCIPAD in Enugu. For more information, please contact Nanvyap, Yacit Noel, NAPEN Project Coordinator, at +23408036811396 or nyacitnoel@yahoo.com

NAPEN has worked closely with the Institute of Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) and INEC since its founding.  It led the EVER project in Nigeria between January and May 2007, and was accredited by INEC to observe the 2007 elections and the re-run elections in 2007 and 2008. NAPEN was also active in election reform advocacy in the lead-up to the 2011 elections, and submitted its recommendations to the Justice Uwais Electoral Reform Committee. NAPEN leaders have been featured in public appearances in broadcast media such as NTA and AIT and print media.

IFES is an international, nongovernmental, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC that supports the building of democratic societies. For more information, please see www.ifes.org and www.ifes.org/ever.

 Contact Us

For more information or to send feedback, please contact NAPEN NAPEN, use our webform or email info@nevr.org.  To comment on specific reports of violence or peace activities, please use the Comment form in the individual report screen.